Scan & Cleanup

Drawings on paper can be scanned via the scanner paper feeder and can be cleaned up with automatic autocentering. 

Scanned drawings can be autocentered according to pegholes and the whole cleanup process can be monitored to retain the quality of the artwork made on paper.

Main features




Quick Scan and Cleanup Session

Scan paper drawings using the scanner paper feeder, and autocenter them automatically during the cleanup process.

Direct & TWAIN Support for Scanners

Use Epson scanners via Toonz internal drivers, or any other scanner via TWAIN drivers.

Multiple Drawing Scanning and Cleanup

Scan all animation levels defined in the scene at once in a single scanning session, and clean them up in a single process.

Powerful Cleanup Process

Use colored lines in paper drawings, and make the software recognized them; check and edit how the drawings will be processed; and monitor each drawing while being processed.

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